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Empowering families to become the hero of their health story and create a legacy of optimal human potential.

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We’re Changing the Conversation Around Health

We believe your (not our) future has incredible potential, and your ability to create the health and life you want is possible – it begins with you. In taking care of our own health first, we have the ability to change the ripple we send out into the world.

Imagine you were in a sealed room that was well lit, and outside that room was a dark hallway. When you open the door, would darkness rush in, or would light rush out, illuminating the hallway?

If you wanted to make a room brighter, would you look for darkness and remove it, or would you increase the amount of light?

Health is no different. By increasing your health, you’ll find what has been holding you back was the darkness you tirelessly tried to escape from, not realizing all you had to was shift your focus to look at things in a new way. This seems like an impossible task when modern healthcare is trying to rid darkness from the world.

Our mission is to help you shift that focus by giving new perspectives, new ideas and bring a different light to your world, one that can make all the difference. If you’re ready to see health in a totally different light, you’ve come to the right place!

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Dr. Marcia Schaefer, Founder

For Couples

Research shows that the median sperm count by 2045 will be zero. The prediction is that fertility treatment will be required to have children in our not so far future.

This is one of the many reasons we work to prepare couples for pregnancy. Not only do we have better fertility outcomes, we know it’s not just about getting pregnant, it’s also about staying pregnant.

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Meet Dr. Marcia Schaefer

I’m a mom, wife, chiropractor, international speaker, and I’m passionate about changing the way we bring babies into the world. I’ve learned without a doubt that life happens FOR you, not TO you, and that passion has allowed me to create a movement that empowers families, changes pregnancy, and creates radiantly healthy babies.

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